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tr.v. pol·luted, pol·luting, pol·lutes
To make unfit for or harmful to living things, especially by the addition of waste matter.

pol·lut′er n.


To ruin, contaminate, or spoil; to make something, such as water, food, or the environment, unfit for use or unsafe for living things.

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Q. where would i find list of all the "clean" cities and the rates of air pollution ...?

A. i don't know about a list of "good" cities, but i know a list of the worse cities for Asthmatic people!-

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Specifically, we rank each variable except POLLUTE (i.
65 in ten of the 12 years, the ECE * POLLUTE interaction term coefficients are negative in 11 years with |t-statistics| > 1.
Possible causes of concern for model misspecification include potential confounds due to omitted variables, the impact of observations with negative abnormal earnings, and the use of a dichotomous POLLUTE proxy for relative environmental performance.
Specifically, it is unlikely that differences between low- and high-polluting firms would be reflected in the ECE-related coefficients but not the NECE-related coefficients if, in fact, POLLUTE simply represents an omitted confounding variable.
The p-values on ABV * POLLUTE, NECE * POLLUTE, and AE * POLLUTE estimates are 0.
If groups in a certain area buy enough credits, they can pollute as much as they want," says CBE staff attorney Richard Drury.
The TVA's executive vice president William Malec then griped to The Energy Daily that the sale "created an impression in the media that nothing less than a cabal of utility executives had conspired to pollute the environment for fun and profit," and that such bad press would have a chilling effect on utilities, which are forced to operate at the public's forbearance under layers of regulation.
The sewage which is discharged directly into the water stream pollutes the water stream and when the farmers use this water to irrigate the fields the soil gets polluted.