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tr.v. pol·luted, pol·luting, pol·lutes
To make unfit for or harmful to living things, especially by the addition of waste matter.

pol·lut′er n.


To ruin, contaminate, or spoil; to make something, such as water, food, or the environment, unfit for use or unsafe for living things.

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Q. where would i find list of all the "clean" cities and the rates of air pollution ...?

A. i don't know about a list of "good" cities, but i know a list of the worse cities for Asthmatic people!-

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For the national sulfur dioxide trading program, the designers had to steer a path between environmentalists' mistrust of trading the right to pollute and the business community's mistrust of tough reduction goals.
Electric utilities were given yearly allowances to pollute, largely based on what emissions were from 1985-87.
Instead of using the credits as a ticket to pollute, AirEcon turns them over to the SCAQMD for permanent removal from the open market.
The suit charges that under the program, there are supposed to be quarterly penalties if a facility pollutes more than it is supposed to, while the AQMD said penalties are determined based on an annual accounting.
24, 1995--Pacific Gas and Electric Company today opened the Bay Area's newest and largest station for recharging electric cars, offering drivers a "commute that doesn't pollute.
11) Polluting not only because they waste electricity and therefore cause unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels and production of greenhouse gasses, but because unnecessary light pollutes our senses.
Ranjan Garg, pollution expert said that the sewage which is discharged directly into the water stream, pollutes the soil so much that it becomes unfit for cultivation.
Every time someone throws a piece of garbage out a car window, that pollutes the environment.
Directly south, there is the Intermountain Power Project, which provides coal-fired electrical power mostly to California but pollutes local skies.
State of the Art' Has Never Been So Toxic" also discusses ways in which AK Steel Rockport Works has been regulated very leniently, and it suggests avenues by which citizens can get involved to ensure that the facility complies with environmental laws and pollutes less in the future.