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n 1. the art and science of governance, particularly in a democracy or collegial body.
2. the interpersonal relationships noted within group interactions such as can occur in a dental office or clinic.
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But we cannot read the Politics without recognising and profiting from the insight into the nature of the state which is revealed throughout.
As Thomas Edsall points out in his forthcoming Building Red America: The New Conservative Coalition and the Drive for Permanent Power (see page 48), many Democrats still don't grasp the fact that cultural issues like marriage and the fate of traditional sexual morality are not peripheral to politics.
Swett argues that the Depression fundamentally transformed the nature of politics in heavily working class districts of Berlin, making local issues, conflicts and actions far more significant than they had been before 1929.
A seminal work of meticulously original scholarship, Globalization And The Politics Of Pay: Policy Choices In The American States by Susan B.
Although the book focuses on the four transitions, which Curtis contends to be principal issues in understanding Jordanian politics, and presents a somewhat extensive account of those events, the brief historical overview of Jordanian politics presented earlier in the text alone is insufficient for those unfamiliar with the history of the region in general and Jordan in particular.
No, it wasn't identity politics that made Villaraigosa mayor.
Artists and curators couldn't help but notice: Global politics, suddenly a hot topic in catalogue essays, implied the theme of the crowd; Associated Press photographs of mass demonstrations in Jakarta and Gaza made appearances in art magazines.
Pakistani democracy has inherited the dynastic politics in the form of Bhutto and Sharif family.
This is just as his successor, Matthew Kokawole, raised the alarm over the increasing rate of money politics in the country, saying the development had gradually washed away the integrity in Nigerian politics.
Political News Politics, politics, politics, politics Experts, the polls giving statistics Nothing else, no other news stories Who's winning now - Labour or Tories?
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif said sit-in politics caused a huge loss to the country in 2014 and wasted precious time of the nation, and again these elements want to hamper development process of the country and prosperity of the masses.
He said that people had once again defeated politics of allegations and negative politics with the power of vote.