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n 1. the art and science of governance, particularly in a democracy or collegial body.
2. the interpersonal relationships noted within group interactions such as can occur in a dental office or clinic.
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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science is a wide-ranging compendium of the errors and omissions, fallacies and flaws, that today get reported seriously by the media and, all too often, end up being used by politicians to support bad policies.
Politically, too, Rand's insistence on de-emphasizing, or even denigrating, family, community, and private charity is not a particularly clever tactic for capitalism's defenders.
Hence the Bush administration's propensity to tout scientific evidence only when it suits them politically.
The screams of outrage rang through the halls of parliament and could also be heard in all the politically correct media.
As the commissioner, I am very sorry for these audits confirmed by the task force that said have damaged the NTS value for politically neutrality and fairness," Han said.
Is it politically correct to judge that Native Americans were treated unjustly and that this country failed to live by its clear standards for how to organise the powers of government to effect the safety and happiness of all the people who came under its administration?
The latest to cry foul over supposedly politically motivated charges are people accused of having profited illegally from the acquisition of an allegedly insolvent bank by a government agency, the Local Water Utilities Administration or LWUA.
He explained: "after their attendance, which is a host , and after a decision taken by the Parliament , it will be on the executive power to implement the decision of the legislature power , and then the parliament will convene a meeting to discuss the problem of Anbar in politically.
The politically correct society is the civilised society, however much some may squirm at the more inelegant official circumlocutions designed to avoid offence.
Some media being politically dependent is not an unusual phenomenon, Stier has pointed out, mentioning examples from Germany's history, However, according to him, politically dependent media in Bulgaria has taken over a great deal of the market, which he has stated is a sign that the society has not reached far enough in its democratization.
London, May 27 (ANI): Fugitive former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has described the terrorism charges inflicted upon him as politically motivated and denied stirring up the violence by anti-government protestors in Bangkok.
Yet still we face the unedifying spectacle of the politically incorrect brigade thinking they can see fit to tell us what to do with their illiberal do-badding.

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