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n 1. the art and science of governance, particularly in a democracy or collegial body.
2. the interpersonal relationships noted within group interactions such as can occur in a dental office or clinic.
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England ceased to be Anglo-Saxon and became, altogether politically, and partly in race, Norman-French, a change more radical and far-reaching than any which it has since undergone.
Nor, sir," says he, "do I bring my mind to this politically, from the necessity of my circumstances, which some call miserable; but, if I know anything of myself, I would not now go back, though the Czar my master should call me, and reinstate me in all my former grandeur.
I view you, sir, personally and politically, in no other light than as a most unparalleled and unmitigated viper.
He added in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "The discussion session on Anbar militarily and politically will be after the second reading of the draft law on the federal budget next Tuesday.
Defenders of politically correct language claim that it is a civilizing influence on society, that it discourages the use of words that have negative or offensive connotations and thereby grants respect to people who are the victims of unfair stereotypes.
Bulgaria's media market is the most problematic in the whole EU, due to the fact it is highly politically dependent, according to a German journalist and Balkan expert.
Marty Morrison's article was politically correct but totally wrong.
London, May 27 (ANI): Fugitive former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has described the terrorism charges inflicted upon him as politically motivated and denied stirring up the violence by anti-government protestors in Bangkok.
Yet still we face the unedifying spectacle of the politically incorrect brigade thinking they can see fit to tell us what to do with their illiberal do-badding.
The columnist stressed the importance of allowing the Lebanese people to relax after having been politically mobilized for the past five years.
There must be 500 golf clubs over there that won't even let you down the drive if you don't fit in" Golf commentator Peter Alliss "Those politically correct whingers who complain that the Prince of Wales, fully in line with his constitutional rights and duties, wrote to eight Government departments over three years, are proving him right yet again" Historian Andrew Roberts on the Prince of Wales' complaint about politically correct interference "I personally find going to theatre is enjoyable about one time in 20, and the other 19 you're just going 'Oh, come on.
When opening a transaction account and filing in an inquiry form, bank clients have to answer the question of whether they are politically active.

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