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n 1. the art and science of governance, particularly in a democracy or collegial body.
2. the interpersonal relationships noted within group interactions such as can occur in a dental office or clinic.
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Published for the American Political Science Association, PS: Political Science & Politics tackles some of the most topical issues today.
Conflict Cell, ICUP, gave winning trophy to Political Science team beside distribution prizes among the players of both the teams.
Appearing in between those two "movements" Gabriel Almond, a well-known behavioral scholar, published the classic article "Separate Tables" in which he noted that there was an "uneasiness in the political science profession" (1988, 829).
4] We believe that International Studies is best conceived as an emerging discipline based in Political Science but slowly incorporating the scholarly methods and research conducted in a variety of disciplines that study international behavior and realities.
Without question, Fenno's success as a congressional observer a talent very much on display in When Incumbency Fails-owes more to anthropology than to contemporary political science.
He was the only person to have been president of both the American Sociological Association (1992-93) and the American Political Science Association (1979-80).
The American Political Science Association (APSA) is pleased to announce its 2013 awards for excellence in the study, teaching, and practice of politics.
Sorokos (in Gregusova (ed), 2005) argues that the role of the political science teacher is to help students develop critical minds.
Berkman (Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at the Pennsylvania State University) and Eric Plutzer (Professor in the Department of Political Science at the Pennsylvania State University) Ten Thousand Democracies: Politics And Public Opinion In America's School Districts is an intricate revelation of the truths behind the power of special interest groups ranging from trade unions to senior citizen organizations in contemporary American education in general, and public school districts in particular.
At this point, it now looks like all four of the governor's measures will be defeated,'' said Tim Hodson, director of the nonpartisan Center for California Studies in Sacramento and a political science professor at California State University, Sacramento.
Enhanced with a new introduction by Michael Curtis (former professor of political science at Rutgers University), De Gaulle, Israel And The Jews by the late political and social theorist of post-World War II France Raymond Aron (1905-1983), continues to be germane to the contemporary issues facing France with its five million muslims, Israel with its continuing tenous relationship with the French government, and the Jewish population in France which has experienced a significant rise in antisemitic activies over the past few years.
Quayle explained that he had been a political science major at DePauw.

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