polishing agent

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pol·ish·ing a·gent

(polish-ing ājĕnt)
An abrasive used to achieve a smooth, lustrous finish to a tooth surface.
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1999) RM-GIC: Vitremer acid) gel as polishing agent PAM-C: Dyract RM-GIC, Yap et al.
Once you have the amounts set, pour in a couple of capsful of the polishing agent, close the lid, and leave it running--how long depends on how dirty the brass and media are.
In addition to being used as bedding for small animals, ground or milled corncob is also used as adsorbent for chemical spills, a polishing agent for metals, and a pesticide carrier for insects such as spider mites and fire ants.
Some of our lads believed that the sugar from the mint when mixed with saliva was a better polishing agent than pure saliva.