polishing agent

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pol·ish·ing a·gent

(polish-ing ājĕnt)
An abrasive used to achieve a smooth, lustrous finish to a tooth surface.
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There are more than 250 sour gas plants in Western Canada and hundreds of sour gas wells that are potential users of DVS 6000 as a polishing agent.
The new company mainly works on the research, trade, development, manufacturing, processing, storage, filling and sale of water-based and solvent-based cleaners, brake fluid, coolants, fuel additives, oil and oil additives, coatings, paints, polishing agents and automotive care products, which are primarily used for the care and maintenance of cars and industrial equipment.
The Martin plant makes a number of textile dyes and related chemicals as well as high-tech polishing agents used in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers and chips.
Other applications for copper oxide include optical glass polishing agents, additives for ceramics processing and colorants and pigments for various materials
manufactures, markets, and distributes extremely uniform and fine abrasive films, commercial coated abrasives, slurries, polishing agents and related products.