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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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French polishers use traditional hand skills to prepare and treatwood to give it a smooth finish.
is one of the world's largest suppliers of lappers, polishers, slicers, grinders and dicing saws for crystalline materials.
Skin Perfecting[TM] Mask and Polisher retails for $75 and $38.
8kg) cleaner to a Floor Polisher to bring a sparkling sheen back to your hard wood floors and tiles
Designed with the latest technological advances in mind, the TPS-Pro Polisher features an electric direct drive inside every shaft, self contained stainless steel motors within their own oil baths, and waterproof sealed bearings.
The hours for a self-employed furniture polisher will depend on the amount of work they have but long hours and weekends may be necessary to meet deadlines What could I earn?
Widower Mr Humph-reys, a french polisher for more than 70 years, leaves four children.
The only reference to his work in Coventry states he was a polisher.
The former supervisor started out as a polisher on a fortnight's contract but was kept on, and when he reached 65 his boss asked him to stay with the firm.
He climbed to the top of a 100ft public building and dragged a heavy industrial floor polisher up with him.
It is an all-in-one toner and skin polisher that gently buffs away old and tired skin, making way for a rejuvenated and a healthy complexion.