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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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Blondie vs Edison - Heart of Glass is a housed-up version but Mash has also polished off a banging electro house version after record bosses heard some of his tracks.
Dwayne Smith polished off the innings, taking Ryan Higgins (2), Tawanda Mupariwa (0) and Prosper Utseya (6) to finish with of four for 29.
Sasa Garofano polished off a fine performance for Thomas Estley with a skilful finish to make it 4-0.
India quickly polished off the Australian tail on the second morning of the third Test at Nagpur.
Mehmet Okur knocked down a 3-pointer, and Elden Campbell polished off an effective series against Shaquille O'Neal.
Or maybe it was just the 12-pack of Pabst he had polished off within the time we were there.
Prestatyn skipper Morne Williams polished off the Aigburth innings for 167 off 49 overs as he bagged 3-19 off five overs, left-armer Mike Williams taking 3-28 off 13 and quickie Owen 1-24 off five to outshine Prestatyn's South African ace Jacques Van Wyk who only managed 1-43 off 15 overs this time.
The 23-year- old from Speke was named Liverpool's top window cleaner after he polished off a pane of glass in just eight seconds flat.
W&W COUNTY star Paul Hemming nicknamed Mr Angry had not won a top Midlands title for nine years but polished off the opposition to take the pounds 400 first prize in the W.
Keith Newell and Paul Jarvis were both caught before Blackwell polished off the innings with the wickets of Shaun Humphries, Jason Lewry and Amer Khan.
Neil Ruddock and Robbie Fowler scored twice and Stan Collymore polished off the Reds' spree.
And some of those slices were small enough to be polished off in one bite.