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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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The TopShine Polished Concrete process utilizes ultra-flexible abrasive technologies coupled with proprietary densifiers that follow the contour of the concrete surface to polish over inconsistencies and flaws left by concrete finishing.
Polished concrete is one of the most innovative and economical flooring options available today and its popularity is leading the flooring market in retail and warehouses, among other facilities.
Lu also wonders whether Neolithic societies polished jade with diamond, since it would have been a more efficient abrasive than quartz.
The holder is designed so that the polished surface of each standard when placed in the holder is top referenced.
When your customers pick up a newly polished silver candlestick or copper pot, they'll see and feel the clean.
05 [[micro]meter] gamma-alumina aqueous suspensions is not appropriate for aluminum alloys because it does not produce acceptable final polished surfaces.
com)-- Polished Concrete Maintenance Service for Retail Facilities
Our new fabrication shop is state-of-the-art in all categories including our polished concrete floor which is truly a win-win situation.
com)-- Perfect Polish, one of the largest nationwide contractors specializing in polished concrete, announced today the launch of http://perfectpolishconcrete.
When manufacturing semiconductor devices, the slurry allows the unnecessary silicon oxide layer on the wafer to be polished away at high rate with the minimum of scratches in the Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) process.
the parent organization of Perfect Polish, the worldwide leader in dry polished concrete, is introducing a division dedicated to manufacturing and marketing a complete line of high-quality concrete.

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