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To make a tooth or dental restoration smoother and glossier, usually by the action of friction.
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As a result, when the Central Powers' war effort began to falter in autumn 1918, Polish activists, including those who had participated in building Beseler's institutions, quickly seized power.
Many Polish residents in the UAE live here with their families and most of them -- around 2,500 -- live in Dubai while the rest live in Abu Dhabi and other emirates.
Just a year later, in 1963, there was a further celebration to mark 25 years of Father Dryzalowski's Polish priesthood in Huddersfield.
Why she loves nail polish: "I love how nail polish instantly dresses you up.
With TopShine, we can offer the same durability of a full grind and polish without breaking the concrete cap.
There are two general positions: the exclusive view, according to which to be a member of Polonia one must be born in Poland or be a child of Polish immigrants, speak Polish, and feel loyalty to Poland.
The Polish community in Melbourne is a case in point and this article sets out to trace their story, the shifts in attitude of one migrating generation to the next, and the retention of language and culture by their children.
One day he told me to get the 33% polish and put it on the wheel.
While coping well with English as their second language, parents were concerned their children were beginning to lose their Polish links.
Depending on the aggregate choice and the existing condition of the concrete, Perfect Polish will remove up to 1/2 inch of concrete during the grinding steps.
Tesco has launched a dedicated home shopping website for Poles to meet the surging demand for Polish delicacies in Britain.
A high street bank is printing newspaper advertisements in Polish to promote an account for immigrants.

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