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The insured; a person who is covered by the insurance policy.
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Increase the advance payment allowable for policyholders who provide photographs or video depicting flood damage and expenses, or a contractors itemized estimate
Some courts require policyholders to be made whole for all damages, not just those covered by an insurer.
Other jurisdictions have determined that recovery from a third-party is divisible, and where the policyholder has been fully compensated for its losses that are covered by the policy, the principles behind the made whole rule have been satisfied.
Policyholders have also fought with state regulators regarding the treatment and disposition of collateral they have posted with insurance companies that are later rendered insolvent, resulting in liquidation or rehabilitation.
In standard adverse selection models, policyholders are considered to possess superior information about risks (see Dionne, Doherty, and Fombaron, 2000; Chiappori, 2000 for reviews of theories and empirical tests for adverse selection).
The payout will see 90 per cent of eligible policyholders receive between pounds 200 and pounds 1,150, with the remaining ten per cent getting more.
22 with the Nevada insurance department, EIG said if its initial public offering is approved, the company would distribute its surplus to policyholders.
Policyholders, not the insurer, decide where to direct investments within a tax-protected life insurance policy.
Many policyholders are signing away their rights without understanding the ramifications.
28, 1997, and under the terms of the agreements, he returned policy and policyholder descriptions, claim draft books, rate books, agent's service texts and a computer containing much of the policy information.
The ability to dampen the external factors that affect insurance companies' decisions on how they allocate their risk-based capital to maximize shareholder return can provide more stability to captive policyholders over time.
Each insurer has standard policy language adapted to the particular terms of the deal, Indeed, one of the mistakes that some policyholders have made with M&A insurance is not ensuring that the terms of the insurance policy mirror the terms in the transaction documents.