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To put into a state of polarization.
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Comparison of the basic equations and formulas of the electrostatic field of the polarizable media (see Table 1) and the magnetostatic field of the magnetized media.
The key defining features of ACD-RCC lacking in the other entities is the mixture of eosinophilic and clear cells, cribriform morphology, and presence of polarizable calcium oxalate crystals.
Figure 8 shows the cell on the left is more polarizable than the surrounding medium and is attracted towards the strong field at the electrode; however, the cell of low polarizability on the right is directed away from the strong field region.
This population inversion is accomplished by using a mechanical opaque shutter or by inserting a high-speed, electrically sensitive, polarizable optical shutter known as a pocket cell between the two mirrors of the laser.
Microscopic analysis revealed amorphous, polarizable needle-shaped crystals consistent with monosodium urate.
This proposal offers to use the arsenal of computational methods derived from theoretical chemistry (molecular dynamics simulations using atomistic and polarizable force fields, free energy calculations, QM/MM calculations, force matching algorithms ) and bioinformatics (homology modeling, evolutionary modeling ) to unravel this question.
But, the absence of any microorganisms on special staining, the noncaseating nature of the granuloma, the lack of polarizable material, the lack of eosinophils and the absence of myocyte cell necrosis, as well as the distribution of the granulomas along the epicardium, within both ventricular free walls and within the interventricular septum, all strongly support the diagnosis of CS.
Yang, DFT Study of Solvent Effects for Some Organic Molecules Using a Polarizable Continuum Model, J.
Os calculos foram realizados com o programa Gaussian09 [11] aplicando-se o funcional de densidade B3LYP [12], que vem demonstrando otimo desempenho na simulacao de diferentes tipos de compostos [13-15], com o conjunto de funcoes de base cc-pVDZ [16] para todos os atomos sendo todos sob o efeito do solvente (cloroformio) pelo metodo Polarizable Continuum Model using the integral equation (IEFPCM).
Wait, "An image method to compute the static magnetic field due to currents injected into a homogeneous, conducting, and magnetically polarizable halfspace, " Radio Science, Vol.
Los conceptos sobre los que se fundamentan estas tecnicas se basan en la ley de Tafel [46], quien dedujo de manera teorica la reaccion de reduccion del proton y la ecuacion de polarizacion de un electrodo reversiblemente polarizable, en coordenadas semilogaritmicas.