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To put into a state of polarization.
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Trends of income inequality and polarisation previously were calculated by Arshad, et al.
1999) have proposed alternative indices of polarisation.
However, lesser attempts have been made to explore the extent of polarisation in Pakistan.
So for example, we were able to record at zero degree polarisation.
Professor Min Gu, Director of the Centre for Micro-Photonics at Swinburne, who was also involved in the research, said: "We have created a new recording device that can respond to different colour and different polarisation.
In their paper, the researchers were able to record three layers of information, using three different wavelengths and two polarisations.
explained: "Our Polarisation Activated Microlens technology is easy to manufacture and to add to existing displays.
The company's key patented invention is the Polarisation Activated Microlens that enables a polarization switch to be used to switch between normal 2D and auto stereoscopic 3D viewing modes.
Polarisation Activated Microlens is a trademark of Ocuity Limited.
Keywords: Polarisation, Income Inequality, Poverty, Welfare
polarisation, which implies the decline of the middle class.
The polarisation refers to the situation when the middle class gets clustered towards the poles or in other words the incomes of any income distribution get closer to one or both extremes.