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To put into a state of polarization.
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The polarisation merely focuses on the middle class of the society and is unable to cover the entire distribution covering other dimensions of welfare aspects.
Looking at the estimates of per-adult equivalent income inequality and polarisation for Pakistan it is quite clear that the trends in polarisation and inequality show somewhat coinciding pattern.
The rural and urban Pakistan has shown that through out the period of analysis, inequality and polarisation follows the same trends for both units of measurement, i.
Hence, in general, inequality and polarisation have the same trends and only the differences in magnitude have been observed, which is surely not a matter of concern.
Polarisation had been quite unexplored dimension of welfare all over the world; especially not even a single study is conducted in Pakistan.
The overall trends in polarisation in Pakistan and its provinces are varying i.
The decline in polarisation also indicates that first phase of Social Action Programmes (SAP-I) has positive impact on middle class.
As far as rural and urban segments of Pakistan are concerned, the trends are same as for Pakistan, however polarisation in general is more severe in urban Pakistan.
The trends in polarisation in all four provinces and rural urban areas are similar to that of Pakistan's.
The evaluation of polarisation with two different units of measurement has resulted in difference in magnitude though trends are same.