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Characterized by, having the characteristics of, or containing a poison.
Synonym(s): toxic (1) , toxicant (1) , toxiferous, venenous


a. Containing or being a poison: poisonous fumes.
b. Capable of harming or killing by poison: poisonous tentacles.

poi′son·ous·ly adv.
poi′son·ous·ness n.


See poison.


Characterized by, having the characteristics of, or containing a poison.
Synonym(s): toxic (1) , venenous.


having the properties of a poison.

poisonous bride's bush
poisonous plants
plants which contain specific chemical poisons, although they may not be identified. They are a different group from plants which cause illness if eaten in very large amounts or have physical qualities that cause illness, e.g. clover in bloat, tree loppings in omasal impaction. There is a third group of plants, those that are only intermittently poisonous. These form a very large group known to have caused nitrite, cyanide or oxalate poisoning but are valuable plants and are safe if used with care. See also under the names of individual plants or the toxins that they contain.

Patient discussion about poisonous

Q. How Do You Treat Food Poisoning? I've been suffering from food poisoning for the last two days, is there a way to treat it? Is there specific food I should avoid?

A. The most important treatment for food poisoning is drinking water. The body loses many fluids and the danger is dehydration. Our body can last longer without food than it can without water, and therefore it is ok to avoid eating as much as you used to for a short period of time until your digestive system can recover. However it is very dangerous to avoid drinking, despite the possible vomiting.At any sign of dehydration (fatigue, dizziness) you should seek medical care. In case your symptoms go on loger than expected you should visit your doctor, because antibiotic treatment may help as well.

Q. What are the Symptoms of Food Poisoning? My kid started vomiting non-stop tonight, but has doesn't have a fever. We ate lunch at this new restaurant, could this be related? What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

A. Symptoms that occur within 1–6 hours after eating the food, suggest that it is caused by a bacterial toxin or a chemical in the food. During this short "incubation period", microbes pass through the stomach into the intestine, attach to the intestinal walls, and begin to multiply there. Some types of microbes stay in the intestine, some produce a toxin that is absorbed into the bloodstream, and some can directly invade the deeper body tissues. The symptoms produced depend on the type of microbe, but are most commonly vomiting, nausea, fever and stomach aches.

Q. How can I tell if I have food poisoning? I've been having diarrhea and been vomiting for 2 days now. How can I tell if it's food poisoning or anything else?

A. when i got food poisioned i was pooping and throwing up at the same time,it lasted for about 10 hours,

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The theme tune, however, is as poisonously catchy as ever.
His concern is that news reporting, deserting its fundamental principles, has become locked in a poisonously adversarial embrace with politicians.
It was as if, as Patrick Collins wrote in the Mail On Sunday, 'they were trapped in an unhappy marriage with their tepid handshakes, grudging nods and memories poisonously stored.
The result over the years has been literally thousands of sewage spills running down the city's broken streets into the city's broken wastewater runoff system into the ocean, which not surprisingly is now poisonously polluted.
And yet this complex sense of slander--involving disavowal and projection, commerce with the dead, and ears and tongues poisonously interanimating one another--is uncannily apt to the plays in which Gross is interested, especially Hamlet, Othello, and Coriolanus.
As moral deficients, they then invoke their "bad moral luck" in having grown up in the poisonously anti-social atmosphere of a Nazi Germany (or Milosevic's Serbia, or apartheid-era South Africa, or a Palestinian village on the west bank of the Jordan)--circumstances in which they had no choice--as an exculpatory excuse for their participation in atrocities.
All real estate and economic value would be poisonously radioactive throughout the entire region.
In Haroon and the Sea of Stories, poisonously bad narratives clog the pure streams of the Ocean of Stories and threaten to choke life out of the Ocean altogether.
Her boss (Ray Liotta) wants her discredited, for unexplained bad reasons -- indeed, the FBI is presented so poisonously that one almost wants to join the agency as a protest.
When you're loading a box of rifle ammo this is not bad, but if you're loading 100 rounds of handgun ammo it is poisonously slow.
Malachi can blame witchcraft for his feelings, but we never know how he became so poisonously violent.
The air had had this same smell right after the shooting: very pure, hut poisonously so, like ozone.