pointed objects

poin·ted ob·jects

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When there is no movement of sharp or pointed objects (4 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter) for 3 days and of blunt objects for more than 7 days in the gastric or duodenal region, removal by endoscopic or surgical means is required (8).
The ingestion of sharp and pointed objects may cause a series of major complications (up to 35%), and such objects must therefore be removed using a protecting device within 2 or 6 hours, according to the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) guide (1).
Another volunteer suffered multiple cuts when a disgruntled political supporter threw pointed objects that hit her in the head.
Police claimed that they were killed by knives and pointed objects.
Sharp or pointed objects usually require removal as they may cause perforation, hemorrhage and if metallic can cause toxicity on absorption (4,5,6)
erectus individuals used pointed objects (perhaps shark's teeth, which were unearthed in the same sediment as the mussel shells) to pierce shells at spots where the muscle could be deactivated.
The Caloocan Police confiscated various sharp and pointed objects from people visiting the tombs of their loved ones in various cemeteries in the city.
Cotton-tipped swabs, bobby pins, keys or sharp pointed objects should never be used for ear cleaning.
And transparent cap is increasingly employed in the removal of unusual foreign bodies, such as sharp or pointed objects.
Threat assessment indicates that the equipment in the riot control concept shall provide protection against: Blows and kicks, Throwing of objects such as bricks, stones and Molotov cocktails with nitric acid and diesel, Adhesive fluid such as oil, Zalo (detergent) and paint, Use of pointed objects such as sticks and clubs with long spikes on the top, Use of slingshots with hard bullets, fragmentation bombs, broken glass and chains.
The Abu Dhabi police informed us of several incidents where fires were caused due to forcing a two--pin model into three-pin sockets using pens or sharp pointed objects," he explained.
But obviously, sharp objects can put scratches on any surface, so you need to ensure that you don't drag your furniture across it and keep pointed objects away," says Mr.