point prevalence

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point prevalence

The prevalence of a disease during a specified time.
See also: prevalence


the total number of cases of a specific disease in existence in a given population at a certain time, i.e. prevalence. See also cross-sectional study.

instantaneous prevalence
the prevalence at a particular moment. Called also spot prevalence.
period prevalence
the number of cases of a disease which occur during a specified period, e.g. annual, lifetime, as a percentage of the total or average total number of animals at risk during the same period.
point prevalence
as for period prevalence (above) except that the assessment is made at a specific point in time rather than over a period, a rather impractical exercise.
prevalence rate
the number of patients who have the disease at a particular time, divided by the population at risk of having the disease at that time.
spot prevalence
see instantaneous prevalence (above).
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Estimates of parameters, standard errors, p-values and rates&& of 7-day point prevalence abstinence at baseline and 3 follow-up&& visits from the WGEE and GLMM models for the real Smoking Cessation&& Study in Example 5.
33% whereas the point prevalence of Eustrongylides is 1.
The multivariate analyses presented here support findings from elsewhere which suggest that the degree of connectedness of the sexual network (here measured by point prevalence of concurrency) is playing a significant role in this regard.
Clinical and demographic information was collected as part of the overall point prevalence program.
The difference in point prevalence of fever and slide positivity among indigenous tribes and migrant labourers, the difference in slide positivity of young tribal children (aged < 10 yr) and elder tribal, as well the difference in proportion of history of having fever over past month among indigenous tribes and migrant labourers were tested by [chi square] test.
01 (a) Means [+ or -] SD (b) Three or more times per week, binges, or problematic irregular use in which normal activities are compromised (c) 1-month point prevalence Table 2 Logistic Regression Analysis Predicting Likelihood of Cocaine Abstinence Independent B(SE) Wald Odds 95% CI p variable ratio lower upper ASI Alcohol -3.
It should be noted that N, NE and CW regions have high detection rates and known point prevalence above the elimination target.
In total, 610 were infested with Tunga penetrans, resulting in a point prevalence of 53% (95% confidence interval, 50%-56%), although 65% had experienced the flea in the past month.
01) in point prevalence abstinence--that is, the number of people reporting to be abstinent at the 4-week mark, regardless of whether their abstinence was continuous or not.