point of care testing

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point of care test·ing

(poynt kār test'ing)
Performance of clinical laboratory testing at the site of patient care rather than in a laboratory, and often by nonlaboratorians.
Synonym(s): bedside testing.
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Point of care testing is a $7 billion segment of the in vitro diagnostics market and is growing rapidly in part because many health care systems are increasing their reliance on these technologies to inform patient care decisions with easy-to-use tests that provide speed and accuracy, particularly in the outpatient setting.
Dr Bowman is the immediate past chair and Dr Hamill is the current vice chair of the College of American Pathologists Point of Care Testing Resource Committee.
A key aim of this procurement is for all Point of care testing service equipment to be standardised and rationalised (with a range relevant to each Lot) across the Trust to ensure we have consistency and continuity of service, clear audit accountability, ongoing training of staff and complete transparency.
Range of Analysers to be included within this lot: Multianalyte Cartridge (medium to high throughput) Blood Gas Analyser Traditional Blood Gas Analyser LOT 3 - Point of Care testing for HbA1c (and other associated testing for Diabetes Management) Point of care testing analysers any relevant equipment consumables reagents and software packages that will enable the measurement of the haemoglobin fraction HbA1c on blood samples (and any other associated testing to be performed on blood and other samples for diabetes management) producing real time results therefore ensuring no delays for patients.
Contract notice: blood glucose point of care testing.