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The man has been described as white,with dark brown hair and a pockmarked face, aged in his 40s.
He said that at least three houses in the area had pockmarked walls and broken windows.
Although most of our shelters on main highways are in reasonable condition, some have been vandalised with the panels removed; some are dirty and have been pockmarked with unsightly graffiti.
The new images show stars and a pockmarked lunar landscape, Mashable reported.
The white walls of the church, which first opened in the late 1800s, were pockmarked with holes caused by ball bearings or other metal objects contained in the bombs to cause maximum damage.
The prosecutor was shot at least 13 times and his car was pockmarked with bullets and the windshield shattered.
So many streets in South Wales remain pockmarked with potholes that it almost seems easier to count the ones with a decent surface.
Pockmarked by empty sites where homes once stood and with boarded up houses all around, the area badly needed a boost.
A good one for the pockmarked terrain, Grogan Mor with a
The former general, nicknamed Pineapple Face due to his pockmarked complexion, was spirited into Panama City's El Renacer jail on Sunday.
If you can live with the look of a rough or pockmarked finish, rust converter can save you a lot of time.