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MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit The MSR Pocket Rocket Stove Kit comprises a cook-and-eat kit for two, pairing the original PocketRocket stove with our best-selling cook set.
Debutant Sam Menzies, nicknamed 'The Pocket Rocket,' earned an exciting opening salvo win against visiting Ricky Leach.
span xml:lang="EN-GBThe pocket rocket might have to run harder to save more than just one life.
The saga of Dot's cat was quickly forgotten when pocket rocket Lisa returned to have it out with Shazza over why alcoholic and violent Phil - who Lisa shot back in 2001, remember - hadn't been looking after her daughter.
Shanneal said: "She was a little pocket rocket - that's what they would call her on the netball court.
Superior court craft proved decisive for Australian Open champion Angelique Kerber on Monday as she motored past Japanese pocket rocket Misaki Doi 6-3 6-1 in a full-blooded fourth-round match on Wimbledon's Court Two.
You have to find your priority, and if it's a fight-stopping pocket rocket, you'll have to get used to shooting an unpleasantly snappy package with a short sight radius.
0 litre Eco-Boost engine which reaches range and performance levels never seen before, and this stylish pocket rocket wins in every category.
POCKET ROCKET Rob Burrow is a man who knows how to produce the goods.
You get on the road course a[bar] you can certainly embarrass what others consider performance vehicles with our pocket rocket," Davis said.