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developing a new type of pneumotachograph, assessing its quality, automatization of total lung capacity measurement by the helium-dilution method, etc.
Pulmonary function: A pneumotachograph spirometer (Vicatest P2a, Mijnhardt, Netherlands) was used to measure resting flow-volume profiles i.
1] differential pressure transducer was placed directly before the proximal end of the tube and distally to the pneumotachograph.
Another of the newer desktop spirometers utilizes the Fleisch pneumotachograph flow measuring system.
The M-COVX constructs continuous gas concentration curves from sidestream sampling at the patient airway and flow/volume curves from a fixed-resistance pneumotachograph at the same location (D-lite or Pedi-lite).
2 pneumotachograph (Fleisch, Lausanne, Switzerland) connected to a differential pressure transducer (MP45, Validyne, Northridge, CA) and placed between the facemask and the ventilator wye connector or, with the helmet, between the end of the inspiratory line and the air inlet.
This device relates flow measurements made at the mouth by pneumotachograph to measurements of inspired and expired gas composition by matching the two waveforms thereby allowing continuous, breath-by-breath monitoring of an intubated patient's oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production.
Spirometers can be divided into volume displacement devices and pneumotachograph devices.
The baseline spirometry and bronchodilation test were recorded with a pneumotachograph spirometer connected to a computer and using a disposable flow transducer (Medikro 905; Medikro, Kuopio, Finland) according to the standards of the American Thoracic Society (1995).
The VE can be measured at he same time by means of pneumotachograph.
Spirometry was performed using a pneumotachograph (Koko Spirometer, Sensormedics, Milan, Italy).
The single breath nitrogen washout test which includes the closing volume measurement, is performed with a demand valve, or reservoir bag, a pressure differential or other type pneumotachograph, microprocessor or chart recorder, and a nitrogen analyzer.