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, pneumon-pneumono- Although p in the diphthong pn is usually silent only when it occurs at the beginning of a word, by long tradition it is silent even within a word when it is part of the combining form pneum(o)- or pneumon(o)-, as in arthropneumoradiography, bronchopneumonia, and chylopneumothorax.
The lungs, air or gas, respiration, or pneumonia.
See also: aer-, pneo-, pneum-.
[G. pneumōn, pneumonos, lung]

pneumo-, pneumono-

prefix meaning "lungs, air, or the breath": pneumobacillin, pneumocele, pneumolith.


, pneumon- , pneumono-
Combining forms meaning the lungs, air or gas, respiration, or pneumonia.
See also: aer-, pneo-, pneum-
[G. pneumōn, pneumonos, lung]


Prefix denoting the lung.
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Thus, at each test station, with the endoprosthesis installed in it, the force is applied vertically (as a rule, to the acetabula component) by means of individual pneumo- or the hydro cylinder.
Epidemiology section discussing key population trends and epidemiological features of pneumo- and meningococcal disease in the seven major markets
Pneumo- and meningococcal vaccines continue to offer great commercial opportunities due to changing disease epidemiology and extension of age indications.