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(nū'mă), In ancient Greek philosophy and medicine:
1. Air or an all-pervading fiery essence in the air (which today would be identified with oxygen), which was the creative and animating spirit of the universe; drawn into the body through the lungs, it generated and sustained the innate heat in the left ventricle of the heart and was distributed by the arteries to the brain and all parts of the body.
2. Soul or psyche.
[G. pneuma, air, breath]


An obsolete term for:
(1) The pervasive fiery essence of air (oxygen); 
(2) Breath, intelligence, the psyche, the soul.

pneuma (nōōˑ·m),

n pneuma, the ancient Greek word for vital energy, usually translated as
breath or
soul. See also ki, odic force, qi, and vis medicatrix naturae.