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Q. Is there any healthy diet to overcome the problem? How good are plums in fighting with the ageing problem? I am looking a little older these days. Due to my hectic work schedule and stress I am not able to have healthy food so I just have anything and everything to satisfy my hunger. My skin looks sallow due to this stress and wrinkles started to appear on my forehead. I want to recover as quickly as possible. Is there any healthy diet to overcome the problem? How good are plums in fighting with the ageing problem?

A. Yes they will help you to make your skin look healthier and young. As it takes weeks or months to bring your skin to this bad state so it needs some time to recover as well. Plums have antioxidant which helps in neutralizing the free radicals. This in turn will make the skin to reverse off its ageing process. Though plums are not the whole some food to control the skin to look healthier but you must take lot of water to remove the toxicity from your body. And a balanced normal diet with a good sleep is also required. With all these intake of plums will speed the process as you desire.

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Katie could have just sat on the couch, and she would probably still be there if she hadn't gotten on the exercise bike," Teresa Plumb said.
Instead, Plumb eventually returned to school right before Christmas break and then started participating in light practices with the basketball team before making it back on the floor for games earlier this month.
All along, I figured that depending on how I felt, that I could get back and play," Plumb said.
It's been a remarkable recovery for Plumb, who first got sick at about Thanksgiving.
Eventually, the rest of the Plumb family got healthy, but Katie remained sick.
Even if there are no micro-Martians, adds Plumb, future Mars-landing missions should be instrumented to detect peroxonitrite and carbonate on the planet's surface, as well as to confirm a slight alkalinity that would account for the 22 percent carbon dioxide reabsorption reported by Viking.