pleural fluid

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pleur·al flu·id

the thin film of fluid between the visceral and parietal pleurae. May significantly increase in disease states, when it is termed pleural effusion.

pleur·al fluid

(plūr'ăl flū'id)
The thin film of fluid between the visceral and parietal pleurae.

pleural fluid

Fluid secreted by serous membranes in the pleurae that reduces friction during respiratory movements of the lungs. When excessive pleural fluid is secreted and not absorbed, a pleural effusion accumulates.
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Both serum antibody complement fixation and pleural fluid antigen detection tests for Coccidioides were negative, and the lung biopsy did not show evidence of granuloma with Coccidioides spherules.
pneumoniae isolates from pleural fluid and CSF were serotyped, the potential for decreasing pneumonia and bacterial meningitis by use of conjugate vaccines was demonstrated.
In this patient, isolation of MRSA from pleural fluid was probably related to pleurocentesis-related iatrogenic empyema.
In 1994, three diagnostic criteria were defined to confirm a myelomatous pleural effusion (6):(a) demonstration of a monoclonal protein in pleural fluid electrophoresis, (b) detection of atypical plasma cells in the pleural fluid, and (c) histologic confirmation with a pleural biopsy sample or by autopsy.
The Middlemore Hospital Laboratory analyzes pleural fluid for both Middlemore Hospital and North Shore Hospital which are located in Auckland, New Zealand.
The pleural fluid is exudative and lymphocyte rich.
A presumptive diagnosis may be made by the presence of (32 transferrin in the pleural fluid (4), as it is found only in CSF and inner ear perilymph fluid.
Procurement of clinical materials: Samples (sputum, pleural fluid, pus in suspected cases of tuberculosis) were collected from the DOT clinic (Directly Observed Treatment short course), in Chest Medicine Department, S.
Pleural fluid analysis was as follows: glucose level 38 mg/dl, rheumatoid factor 380 U/L, protein level 3,9 mg/dl, white blood cell count 1400/ (mm.
Radiologists reviewed the radiographs for the presence of pulmonary infiltrates, pleural fluid, atelectasis, pulmonary edema, and other findings.