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Max A., U.S. dentist, 1903-1965. See: Pleasure curve.


[L. placere, to please]
The feeling of being delighted or pleased.


Any enjoyable or agreeable emotion or sensation, to the pursuit of which most people, who are free to do so, devote their lives.
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60) This coincides with Plato's claims in the Philebus that the pleasureless life is not choiceworthy for man (22a9-b8, 61a1-2).
It is a great pleasure," Natalia says in a pleasureless voice.
88) This argument holds that cutting female genitalia amounts to stripping girls and women of their sexual identity and relegates them to a life of male-dominated, pleasureless baby-making.
This is true, he thinks, even if the thoughtless life at issue is intensely pleasant and the pleasureless life at issue is intensely thoughtful.