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Preparation of an anatomic specimen by injection of polymers into vessels, cavities, and other spaces.
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Silicone plastination of biological tissue: room temperature technique north caroline technique and products.
Asked if their Institute of Plastination in Hamburg was the only one backing an ongoing world tour of plastinated humans (they also do animals, the largest so far being a giraffe), Whally said the Chinese had several 'copy-cat' exhibitions.
Furthermore, the analogy of comparing plastination to experiments on human beings is already being made.
He said: "Gunther von Hagens' plastination technique is the most effective and his specimens are of the highest quality.
Plastination - a recent scientific breakthrough - will likely revolutionize academic life for students at veterinary schools around the world.
Von Hagens's plastination project requires the kind of conduct condemned, often by religion, as disrespect, desecration, or defilement of the dead," maintains Anita Allen of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
We shouldn't fear how we look beneath our skin," said anatomist and physician Gunther von Hagens, inventor of the plastination process and creator of "Body Worlds.
have attended sold-out exhibitions of human bodies and body parts preserved and frozen in various poses through a process called plastination.
Von Hagens, known for exhibiting human corpses preserved by plastination, said: "I want to preserve Bruno for eternity
Science museum visitors will be able to experience the human body in all its elegance and complexity by viewing real human bodies that have been preserved through a remarkable process called plastination in the series of exhibitions, "Body Worlds: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies.