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heat-mouldable materials, vacuum-formed to positive foot casts, for manufacture of orthoses; in general, the higher the temperature required to mould the material, the stronger the resultant orthotic will be (Table 1)
Table 1: Common thermoplastics (3mm thickness) used in orthoses manufacture
MaterialMoulding temperature (°C)Heating time (minutes)
TL61 carbon fibre18020

Note: Heating times will need to be adjusted up or down for thicker or thinner materials.

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BE FORECEFUL Among the common mistakes that recyclers who are new to baling plastics make is choosing undersized baling equipment that is not heavy-duty enough to stand up to the application, Bob Pfeffer, vice president of sales, western division, Harris Waste Management Group, says.
The author is employed by the American Chemistry Council/American Plastics Council.
The good news for the consumer is that the cost of biodegradable plastics is affordable and increasingly more available.
Hoping to avoid drastic measures, Councilman Ed Reyes wants manufacturers of plastics and officials in grocery chains to partner with him on bag cleanups and recycling programs.
Also, Aoki says, demand for more-aggressive styling in Europe coupled with pedestrian safety legislation gives plastics the edge there, since it offers a greater range of design freedom and is more forgiving than steel during collision impacts.
If used with common sense, plastics and food can be a safe combination, experts say.
In fact, since today's plastics are lighter in weight than ever before, they take up even less space in landfills than they used to.
The shaping and re-shaping of plastics makes them seem as versatile as flour dough.
In these times of environmental woe, turning plants into biodegradable plastics would really prove a blessing.
Increasingly, however, plastics are being selected as an alternative pattern material.
While most rubber product manufacturers look at plastics from the standpoint of potential competition, there is a useful application for them within our business also, namely cleaning molds.

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