plasma substitute

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plas·ma sub·sti·tute

a solution of a substance (for example, dextran) used for transfusion in hemorrhage or shock as a substitute for plasma.
Synonym(s): plasma expander

plas·ma sub·sti·tute

(plazmă substi-tūt)
A solution of a substance (e.g., dextran) used for transfusion after hemorrhage or shock as a substitute for plasma.
Synonym(s): plasma expander.


the fluid portion of the blood in which corpuscles are suspended. Plasma is to be distinguished from serum, which is plasma from which the fibrinogen has been separated in the process of clotting.

plasma bound
many electrolytes exist in plasma in a form in which they are bound to protein which reduces their lability and liability to loss in the urine, e.g. protein-bound iodine.
plasma cell gingitivitis-pharyngitis
see feline plasma cell gingivitis-pharyngitis.
plasma cell myeloma
see multiple myeloma.
plasma cell pododermatitis
a nonpainful swelling with ulceration and exuberant granulation tissue on the footpads of cats. The cause is unknown but believed to be immunological.
Enlarge picture
Plasma cell pododermatitis in a cat.
plasma clearing factor
a lipoprotein lipase which lipolyses the triglyceride in the chylomicrons of the plasma and hence clears it of cloudiness.
plasma exchange
the removal of plasma from withdrawn blood (plasmapheresis) and retransfusion of the formed elements and type-specific fresh-frozen plasma into the donor; done for removal of circulating antibodies or abnormal plasma components.
plasma expanders
see plasma volume expander.
fresh-frozen plasma
prepared from whole blood; a source of coagulation factors.
plasma protein
the heterologous group of proteins in circulating blood that includes albumin, lipoproteins, glycoproteins, transcortin, haptoglobin, ceruloplasmin, cholinesterase, α2-macroglobulin, erythropoietin, transferrin, hemopexin, fibrinogen, plasminogen and the immunoglobulins (γ-globulins).
plasma protein:fibrinogen (PP:F) ratio
an indicator of significant changes in fibrinogen levels, taking into account dehydration.
plasma substitute
a fluid suitable for use as a replacement for plasma in the animal body. Usually a solution of gelatin or dextran.
therapeutic plasma concentration
a therapy-response relationship determined only by experiment; the plasma level which is matched by the desired therapeutic response.
plasma thromboplastin antecedent
clotting factor XI; see plasma thromboplastin antecedent.
plasma turbidity test
a qualitative test for fat absorption, performed by comparing the turbidity of plasma before and 2, 3 and 4 hours after the oral administration of fats, usually vegetable oil. Results are greatly influenced by delays in gastric emptying, so normally this test can only be relied upon to rule out malabsorption or maldigestion when evidence of absorption is found.
plasma volume
the estimation of plasma volume is essential to a complete knowledge of a patient's fluid status. The common technique is by the intravenous injection of a known amount of a dye such as Evans blue and the subsequent measurement of the dilution that it has undergone in a set time period.
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Synthetic colloidal plasma substitutes can be divided into products based on dextran, starch, or gelatin (4).
Helicon chairman Dr Saliba Sassine said: ``We believe that Volplex is a very good product that will be positioned as a high quality blood plasma substitute.
Dr Saliba Sassine, chairman of Helicon, said, 'We believe that Volplex is a very good product that will be positioned as a high-quality blood plasma substitute.
SPECIALIST health care products company Maelor, which is headquartered in Wrexham, has appointed an exclusive distributor in Bangladesh for its blood plasma substitute Volplex.
SHARES in healthcare company Maelor jumped 12pc yesterday as the group launched a blood plasma substitute to treat patients with severe blood loss.
Over the past year the company has refocused and is now concentrating on its catheter maintenance system OptiFlo, blood plasma substitute Volplex, anaesthetic lubricant TendaGel, micelle propofol anaesthetic and a micelle drug delivery platform.
Maelor's blood plasma substitute Volplex will now be sold, marketed and distributed in Sub-Saharan Africa by Adcock Ingram.
SPECIALIST healthcare products company Maelor has taken another step towards securing a place in the Australian market for its blood plasma substitute Volplex.
Orders for the company's OptiFlo catheter management system were expected to be much higher in the second half of the financial year and the business would also benefit from revenues from its blood plasma substitute Volplex which was launched in the UK this week.
NORTH Wales-based specialist healthcare products company Maelor is this week launching its blood plasma substitute Volplex in the UK.
Company chairman Alastair Macpherson told shareholders at the AGM that the company had also recently won approval for its blood plasma substitute, Volplex.
The company has so far enjoyed revenue streams from OptiFlo which has secured a 26pc share of the highly competitive UK market and from a blood plasma substitute intermediate product which is sold in the Middle East.

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