plant viruses

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plant vi·rus·es

viruses pathogenic to higher plants.
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A conspectus of Aphids as vectors of plant viruses.
Wang also collaborated with researchers to study how human viruses like Hepatitis C virus and poliovirus regulate host lipid synthesis and found that viral replication behaved in the same way as using plant viruses.
Plant viruses are virtually off the radar screen in terms of human health," says Friedland, who first started investigating a role for plant viruses to see if he could find an agent that could initiate a spontaneous autoimmune response against amyloid [beta], a protein component of the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer disease.
Discussion encompasses climate change and food security, genetic engineering for acid soil tolerance in plants, mitogen-activated protein kinases in abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants, and the roles of plant viruses (maybe they're not always villains), as well as the specifics of rice, pearl millet, bamboo, groundnuts, and chickpeas, among other topics.
In a search for alternatives four years ago, Wang uncovered some unexpected accelerants of bone growth: plant viruses.
Geminiviruses are small plant viruses characterized by a covalently closed circular single stranded (ss) DNA encapsidated in twined (geminate) particles.
The key note Address entitled "Genomics of Plant viruses and their application in detection of viruses and their management" was delivered by Dr.
And some varieties of squash and papaya have been engineered with plant virus genes that make them resistant to those particular plant viruses.
Herman Scholthof, plant viruses may work like a trucking service loaded to carry freight to its destination.
Gildow's research focuses on plant virology and insect transmission of plant viruses, with an emphasis on virus transmission by aphids.
Hackers can plant viruses on company websites which get transferred to visitors of the sites.