plant growers

plant growers, individuals who cultivate medicinally beneficial plants for use in herbal remedies.
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We work across the industry with growers of many varieties--hobby, ornamental, pharmaceutical, and edible plant growers.
Fall Creek Farm & Nursery provides blueberry nursery stock, blueberry breeding and grower support to commercial fruit growers, nurseries and wholesale plant growers in North, Central and South America, and South Africa and Europe.
According to UK plant growers Thompson and Morgan, they are fast falling out of flavour with the British public, where they are not even featured in the top ten favourite Christmas plants this year.
Around 30 plant growers used to sell flowers produced in Benguet and Mt.
Rev Nicky Seabright, vicar of Bosbury, said: "The community in Bosbury are deeply shocked by the death of this couple as they were well-known locally, not least as plant growers and supporters of many events in the village.
Due to its high cost, compared to commercial fertilizers, vermicompost is not commonly used as a soil amendment or plant growth enhancer by large commercial plant growers.
AS SUMMER WANES, MOST GARDENERS ARE GATHERING the last of the tomatoes and dreaming of fall, cool nights, and laying the garden to rest, but for commercial plant growers and those in the nursery trade, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
SAGA, Japan - The southwestern Japanese city of Karatsu in Saga Prefecture is aiming to build a cosmetics industry hub, taking a cue from Cosmetic Valley, an extensive cluster of plant growers, manufacturers and research facilities for cosmetics products spread around Paris.
The plant growers wanted to continue selling products through Memorial Day weekend and are to move out today.
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