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plagiarism (plā´jəriz´əm),

n an appropriation of the work, ideas, or words of another without proper acknowledgment.
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If students only choose not to plagiarize because they are afraid of being caught, what happens when they are confronted with a situation in which those consequences are not evident or are unlikely to be enforced?
But men have become the tools of their tools and it's tempting to plagiarize.
When students plagiarize, they do not get an opportunity to interact with the material and, therefore, are not able to reflect on and internalize their own success and failures.
If a student deliberately decided to plagiarize, or chose not to read the student handbook's plagiarism policy, those actions were defined as student agency, just as would a comment about supporting a point or writing an excellent paper.
If the plagiarist does not plagiarize, then the payoff to the author will be P-E where P is the benefit that she would gain from an additional publication.
The following websites provide information on how students obtain material to plagiarize, on detecting plagiarism, on how to prevent plagiarism in the classroom, and on current copyright laws.
This is because some Web sites regularly plagiarize from each other, freely using copyrighted material with neither permission nor attribution.
The activities aim to excite kids to share what they've read while making it difficult to plagiarize from the book or copy from the work of classmates.
Chapters cover getting started; choosing a topic, doing research and taking notes: organizing your paper; writing your first draft; and editing, rewriting, and proofreading, along with tips on last minute strategies and guides for creating a bibliography--as well as warnings about avoiding the temptation to plagiarize.
I can assure you that had I been the author of a sequel to my 1966 publication, I would have drawn on my experience and knowledge post 1966 to author something new, rather than use a copy machine to plagiarize a 1966 copyright as done by Mr.
I was shocked at how easy it is to download papers and directly plagiarize from electronic information," she says.
Assuming that lack of knowledge of correct paraphrasing practices translates into plagiarism, then approximately 60% of students (in addition to the 36% who already admit to plagiarize) in the present study who claim not to plagiarize may have actually engaged in inadvertent plagiarism.