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plagiarism (plā´jəriz´əm),

n an appropriation of the work, ideas, or words of another without proper acknowledgment.
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4 Plagiarism, also known as 'academic kidnap', can be in the form of plagiarism of ideas; 'word-for-word' or direct-text plagiarism; mosaic plagiarism where the plagiarist intertwines his/her views with those of the primary source and thus presents an erroneous complex write-up; and self-plagiarism where the plagiarist steals his/her own work.
I knew Melania Trump wasn't a plagiarist even before her husband's campaign finally identified the staffer who "inadvertently" lifted material from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech and inserted it, barely altered, into Melania's speech for the 2016 Republican National Convention.
The plagiarist intends that the reader will presume the author has paraphrased what is actually directly lifted verbiage.
Let us just remember the plagiarists and their supporters in future elections.
Because India has often appeared to be a country that tends to treat plagiarists lightly.
Plagiarism is a lie of omission that marks an author's deceptive self-presentation: plagiarists are not simply an affront to the others (authors and texts) they exploit, but also, to themselves--to the depth and breadth of self-expression curtailed by their own dissimulation.
A soon-to-be-released domestic cartoon series is being used as an example of how China's toon biz is plagued by plagiarists.
Read about the accidental plagiarists at http://thejournal.
She doesn't want the conversation to be about "catching and punishing plagiarists [but about] preventing it in the first place.
His seven-step plan includes registering copyrights, giving notice of those copyrights, tracking content, setting traps for potential plagiarists, policing content, customizing terms and conditions, and establishing an action plan.
The piloting process was highly successful in that it shocked both our parents and students to realise that they were unwitting plagiarists.
I don't want anyone to think we're trying to be plagiarists, but that's exactly what it is.