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plagiarism (plā´jəriz´əm),

n an appropriation of the work, ideas, or words of another without proper acknowledgment.
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Plagiarism can be managed by a balance among its prevention, detection by plagiarism detection software, and institutional sanctions against proven plagiarists.
Joni Mitchell, trust me, was not shooting her mouth when she disdained Dylan as a plagiarist -- with a dreadful voice and a fake name.
Routinely performing--or asking students to perform--document checks fosters a culture of suspicion antithetical to American values, places senior officers in the role of presumed plagiarist rather than emerging strategic intellectual, and undermines confidence in both the self and the written word.
Based upon past theory and research, plagiarism is predicted to be viewed by the victim as illegitimate and intentional, harmful to one's public identity, and evoke anger and a desire to confront the plagiarist (Reysen, 2010; Reysen et al.
And by demonstrating the way her protagonist Helga Crane succumbs to the occupational hazard of the plagiarist, i.
In his day Manet was criticized, as Gauguin would be, as a plagiarist, stealing compositions and figures from the works of his forebears.
Bailey, who claims to be the world's only plagiarism consultant, has personally stopped more than 600 plagiarists from using stolen material.
There will also be music from Dawn Furness and Paul the Plagiarist.
THE script was so familiar there were suspicions a plagiarist had been at work.
Jack Kelley, its marquee globetrotting reporter, was found to be a fraud, a serial fabricator and plagiarist (see "Who Knows Jack?
He recommended sending a cease-and-desist letter to the plagiarist or notifying advertising companies such as Google or Yahoo
It is a systematic attempt by the plagiarist to use information which somebody else has produced.