pityriasis alba

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any of various skin diseases characterized by the formation of fine, branny scales.
acute lichenoid pityriasis an acute or subacute, sometimes relapsing, widespread macular, papular, or vesicular eruption that tends to crusting, necrosis, and hemorrhage; when it heals it leaves pigmented depressed scars, followed by a new crop of lesions. Progression to the chronic lichenoid form occasionally occurs.
pityriasis al´ba a chronic condition with patchy scaling and hypopigmentation of the skin of the face.
chronic lichenoid pityriasis a chronic brown to red-brown scaly macular eruption, seen mainly on the trunk, with epidermal changes and a perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate. It may arise independently or happen as a progression of the acute lichenoid form.
pityriasis ro´sea a common acute or subacute, self-limited exanthematous disease of unknown etiology. It begins with a solitary red to tan plaque (herald plaque), usually on the trunk, arms, or thighs, which is followed by similar but smaller papular or macular lesions; these later may peel and leave a scaly collarette.
pityriasis ru´bra pila´ris a chronic inflammatory skin disease marked by pink scaling macules and cone-shaped horny follicular papules; it usually begins with severe seborrhea of the scalp and face, associated with keratoderma of palms and soles.
pityriasis versi´color tinea versicolor.

pit·y·ri·a·sis al·'ba

patchy hypopigmentation of the skin resulting from mild dermatitis.

pityriasis alba

Etymology: Gk, pityron, bran; L, albus, white
a common idiopathic dermatosis characterized by round or oval finely scaling patches of hypopigmentation, usually on the cheeks. The lesions are sharply demarcated and occasionally pruritic and are found primarily in children and adolescents. The condition may recur, but spontaneous clearing is the usual prognosis. Treatment includes lubricating creams and topical corticosteroids. Compare pityriasis rosea.
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Pityriasis alba

pi·ty·ri·a·sis al·ba

(pit'i-rī'ă-sis al'bă)
Patchy hypopigmentation of the skin resulting from mild dermatitis.

pityriasis alba

A common form of ECZEMA causing pinkish plaques that resolve to leave fine, scaly, pale patches. The condition affects children and adolescents and clears up spontaneously.
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Pityriasis alba presents with hypopigmented patches, typically on the face, and has a more subtle "blotchy" appearance, without discrete oval patches.
1-18 Other morphological forms of eczema in descending order were seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis alba, infective eczema, napkin dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and pompholyx.