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Pith helmets come in different shapes from various regiments.
Grab your pith helmet to explore the sights, sounds, animals and cultures of a semi-tropical rainforest at Asheville's Family Health & Science Museum
Besides protecting my wife's plants, snail hunting was therapeutic; it helped fill the gaps in non-hunting months, and I would often don the pith helmet I had worn in Africa.
It's not even the sight of whoever the duty hypocrite in the NIO pith helmet is.
Grant counters: "A happy ending justifies everything," as he sits astride a wedding ice sculpture, dressed in a pith helmet a la Gunga Din.
There are some surprises here, too, like a pith helmet and assorted pairs of chiefs' sandals, all covered in fine gold leaf.
Clinging to the roll bar with his big three-fingered gloves, he's wearing fatigues and a 10-gallon pith helmet.
If he asks for a pith helmet with a propeller to be properly dressed for quail hunting, don't scoff.
With his beard, piercing gaze, crumpled, ill-fitting uniform and outsize pith helmet he looked, one observer remarked, more like a Baptist missionary.
Favorites run the gamut from an heirloom straw hat to a pith helmet equipped with a built-in fan (shown on page 71).
While conservation biologists still are out "beating the bush," the pith helmet set has changed drastically in the past decade, indicates Alan R.