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n. pl. pink·ies Informal
The little finger.

Patient discussion about pinkie

Q. I broke my pinkie finger a year ago. It is locked in a curved position. How can I straiten it out?

A. i would let a certified orthopedic look at the finger. treatment is according to the severity of the case. i think Terrany method is about finger physiotherapy. i'm not sure this method is to reshape uneven bone healing. this is a bit different situation, bone can be reshaped, this is how an orthodontic can move teeth- by changing the bone. but it takes a few years. i would go to an orthopedic, i advise you to do the same.

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Gang members are often recognized by their full body of tattoos, and in many cases, the lack of a pinkie finger.
The Rotary club of Caerphilly has presented 2,500 purple crocus corms to local schools, asking them to plant them as a reminder of the purple pinkie project and of the children who still suffer from a disease which was once such a scourge in our own country.
The dancers lock pinkies before other ballets, but they only form the circle before dancing the Kingdom of the Shades.