pilus cuniculatus

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pilus cuniculatus

A hair that burrows into the skin.
See also: pilus


pl. pili [L.]
1. a hair.
2. fine, filamentous appendage found on the surface of many gram-negative bacteria, shorter, thinner and straighter than flagella. There are two kinds of pili: (a) a larger form that is hollow and found on male bacterial cells only; it is used in bacterial cell conjugation, and (b) a smaller form which is of major significance in adherence of bacterial cells to epithelial surfaces such as the intestinal mucosa or mammary gland epithelium. Antipilus antibody can provide protection against disease. Called also fimbria.

pilus cuniculatus
pl. pili cuniculati; burrowing hair.
pilus incarnatus
pl. pili incarnati; ingrown hair.
pilus lanei
wool fiber.
pilus tacti
tactile hairs about the lips, nostrils and eyes.
pilus tortus
pl. pili torti; twisted hair; see also pili torti.