pilot program

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pilot program,

n an experimental program designed to test administrative and operational procedures and to collect information on service demands and costs that will serve as a basis for operating programs efficiently.
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The DDAPPAC met on October 1, 2012, to finalize its recommendations regarding the pilot program and to approve a written report to be submitted to the Board at its October, 2012, Board meeting.
The elements, which were developed by the UNOS/OPTN Kidney Transplantation Committee, is designed to maximize the number of living donor kidney transplants to allow the possibility for some candidate or candidate/donor pair prioritization, and to acknowledge logistical constraints and system improvements that will become more feasible as experience with the pilot program is evaluated.
McCarthy, who asked to participate in the pilot program after reading about it.
Wes Bissett, senior vice president of government affairs and state relations for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, said information about the existing pilot program has been sketchy at best.
McCarthy did express regret to Smith and Zine that the pair never received a response to a letter they sent the Police Commission last year calling for another pilot program.
The Fiscal Year 2005 Authorization Act extended the authority for the pilot program to September 30, 2006.
30, 2000, will be used to evaluate the MTMC Pilot Program.
Participants for the pilot program are a select group of dental practices and dentists from MetLife's Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) - a nationwide network of over 95,000 dentist locations.
In January, 2011, the Board formed a new advisory committee, the Deferred Disciplinary Action Pilot Program Advisory Committee (Committee), to oversee the pilot program and to evaluate the program's effectiveness and efficiency.
Under the pilot program, uniformed officers in the Hollywood and Rampart divisions would adhere to the controls the consent decree imposes on detectives who use confidential sources.
Although the pilot program includes a procedure for field counsel, Examinations or Appeals to request reconsideration before a TEAM becomes final, taxpayers have no such right.
Successful Airport Pilot Program for Leading Brands National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car Results in Planned Deployment of Self Service Check-In Kiosks in Many Airport Locations-