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Pilomatricomas are the most common hair follicle tumor, typically measuring between 3-30 mm in diameter, and presenting on the head, neck or upper extremities.
In one of the largest reviews of head and neck pilomatricoma, out of 179 cases, only 8 cases (4.
Pilomatricoma typically presents as a superficial, solitary, slowly growing, rock-hard, painless nodular mass.
The pilomatricoma lesion appears as a sharply demarcated, calcified, subcutaneous nodule on computed tomography and as high-intensity signal bands in T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging.
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Pilomatricomas (also known as pilomatrixomas or calcifying epitheliomas of Malherbe) are benign tumors that arise from the hair matrix.
There is currently no method of imaging a pilomatricoma that produces a firm definitive diagnosis.
Computed tomography has also been used to investigate pilomatricomas.
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