A small pill.
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Pillet, Ross, M'Lennon, and Montigny, two Canadian voyageurs, and two natives of the Sandwich Islands.
A French libretto was created and handed off to Pierre-Louis Dietsch (1808-1865), a Parisian double bass player, church composer and teacher--as well as good friend of Pillet and chorus master at the Opera.
On one occasion he ponderously reminded her that "To be governed by one's affections, in the company we keep, or the conduct we pursue, most usually means, to discard one's understanding, to bind with one's own hands the pillet over one's eyes.
0"W, altitude 313 m, Didier Pillet, Jean Marc Beltramon, Bruno Accorsi, Michel Beuchey & Christine Lambert, 18 February 2012.
Lynne Pillet was a participant, having already graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Fribourg.
The group is already collaborating with artists such as Christophe Pillet and Mathieu Lehanneur who have designed pieces for several of its hotel lobbies.
Feelings were the driving force behind the design of VitrA's new Pillet series.
at Milan Design Week 2013 on camera is Christophe Pillet who designed creative thinktank Be Open's House of Senses installation.
An international jury selected architect and designer Christophe Pillet to create House of the Senses, an installation that would engage visitors in a multi-sensory journey and would complement and yet contrast with Sfelab's interactive installation Zang Tumb Tumb in the adjacent portico.
Rooms have been revamped by French designer Christophe Pillet, with minimalist lines softened by vibrant colours, and features including Nespresso machines, docking stations, rain showers and the signature Pullman bed.