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Electric currents generated by pressure on certain crystals, for example, quartz, mica, calcite.
[G. piezō, to press, squeeze, + electricity]


(pe-a'zo-e-lek-tris?i-te) [? + elektron, amber]
Production of an electric current by application of pressure to certain crystals such as mica, quartz, or Rochelle salt.
See: triboluminescence

piezoelectricity (pēˈ·ā·zō·ēˈ·lek·triˑ·si·tē),

n electrical current produced by mechanical pressure on connective tissue and other crystals like quartz, mica, and Rochelle salt.
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Investigation of piezoelectrically generated synthetic jet flow, Journal of Visualization 12: 9-16.
These valves are known as check valves and in this case are piezoelectrically driven check valves which operate in synchrony with the actuated membrane.
Transmission lines on ferrites with oppositely magnetized and self-magnetized ferrites show interesting behavior lower frequencies ace covered in a novel broadband transformed The session is rounded out in a paper describing a very low loss piezoelectrically controlled phase shifter
The target used in the Debris-free X-ray Source is a stream of water droplets produced using a piezoelectrically driven nozzle, with the drive circuitry synchronized to the laser trigger so that the laser pulse always hits a droplet on center.
This study was concerned with application of numerical-experimental approach for characterizing dynamic behavior of the developed piezoelectrically excited vibration drilling tool with the aim to identify the most effective conditions of tool vibration mode control for improved cutting efficiency.