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Electric currents generated by pressure on certain crystals, for example, quartz, mica, calcite.
[G. piezō, to press, squeeze, + electricity]


(pe-a'zo-e-lek-tris?i-te) [? + elektron, amber]
Production of an electric current by application of pressure to certain crystals such as mica, quartz, or Rochelle salt.
See: triboluminescence

piezoelectricity (pēˈ·ā·zō·ēˈ·lek·triˑ·si·tē),

n electrical current produced by mechanical pressure on connective tissue and other crystals like quartz, mica, and Rochelle salt.
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The vibromotor itself is interpreted as a mechatronic system consisting of a piezoelectrical actuator and the driven object.
Abstract: The [alpha]-quartz monocrystals can be obtained exclusively through the hydrothermal growth method and due to their piezoelectrical properties are used mainly in resonators.
This method is the only one which ensures that thermodynamic stable [alpha]-quartz with piezoelectrical properties is obtained, because the temperature of 573[degrees]C (Curie point) is not exceeded.