piezoelectric crystal

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piezoelectric crystal

Cardiac pacing A crystal that produces electrical signals when subjected to mechanical deformation; in pacing, PC sensors are used to detect motion, changes in pressure, etc, in certain rate-responsive pacemakers


a naturally produced angular solid of definite form.

crystal-associated hepatopathy
crystal-induced arthritis
piezoelectric crystal
the source of sound waves in ultrasonography.
radiographic c's
crystals on radiographs caused by faulty use of fixative, commonly excess acidity or insufficient washing of the film.
synovial crystal
tissue crystal
recognizable crystals in tissues occur in crystal-associated cholangiohepatopathy, zinc and oxalate poisoning.
urines c's
crystal violet
a brilliant organic deep purple dye.
crystal violet vaccine
an obsolete hog cholera (classical swine fever) vaccine.
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Piezoelectric crystals have become a very common motion-control device in systems that require very small deflections.
For added reliability, Johnson Yokogawa's sensors employ a piezoelectric crystal that is hermetically sealed in the solid vortex shedder.
Compared to traditional polycrystalline materials, the newer piezoelectric crystals generate a greater mechanical force in response to an applied electric field.
Ultrasound images are generated by emission of high frequency sound waves from piezoelectric crystals within the ultrasound probe.
The brush also has a ceramic covering to maximise heat retention and piezoelectric crystals which release ions to protect the hair and scalp.
McAlpine and his colleagues at Princeton have developed a way of converting everyday body movements into electricity using a flexible electricity-producing sheet of rubber imprinted with piezoelectric crystals that can be implanted in the body.
Piezoelectric crystals make formidable transducers--a key component of medical, commercial, and industrial probes.
The series is based on the vibrating tuning fork principle, using piezoelectric crystals.
The DTI-200 series of miniature pumps use piezoelectric crystals formed and bonded to a metal diaphragm to flex the diaphragm when an electric field is applied.
NIST has developed a novel method of measuring the Q of piezoelectric crystals that minimizes energy loss to the surroundings and, hence, can measure the internal dissipation with unusual accuracy.
Sawyer Memorial Award for contributions in the field of piezoelectric crystals, such as stacked filters, electric circuit analogs and stress effects in doubly rotated plates.