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Though widely used in malls, parts of the guns can't be sterilized, warns Weber of the Association of Professional Piercers.
You should approach a reputable local registered body piercer for details of possible training opportunities.
The number of licensed piercers in Oregon has declined from a high of 766 in 2001 to 151 in 2005, according to numbers from the state.
The piercer is puncturing your tongue with a four-centimeter-long needle
Welsh councils can require cosmetic piercers to register their businesses and to follow rules relating to cleanliness and hygiene.
They have been supplied to every tattoo studio and body piercer in Middlesbrough to give to their customers.
All tattooists must register with the local authority in which they operate and cosmetic piercers are required to be registered in accordance with local byelaws.
The European Professional Piercers' Association (EPPA) runs a voluntary register of piercers and they can be contacted on Fridays and Saturdays on 0117 9603923.
Knowsley council also wants to reign in unregulated body piercers with new local laws.
The laws will come in effect from January 1, which will see piercers fined with 6600 dollars if they give a person aged under 18 an intimate body piercing.
Health and safety laws are already in place for tattoo artists, acupuncturists and ear piercers, but a legal loophole has exempt body piercing from these rules.
The model code presented in this publication was developed by a committee of knowledgeable environmental health professionals from around the United States and has been endorsed by the Alliance for Professional Tattooists, the Association of Professional Piercers, and the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.