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n an image of the illness. The concept that a comprehensive consideration of an illness and the individual should be used to treat malaise. See also clinical picture, symptom picture, disease picture, and drug picture.
References in classic literature ?
At the extreme left end of the picture are a couple of women, one of them with a child looking over her shoulder at a wounded man sitting with bandaged head on the ground.
Baynes buried his face in his hands and rocked back and forth as the hideous picture of her fate burned itself into his consciousness.
But would it be possible," inquired her cousin, "to restore this dark picture to its pristine hues?
Meanwhile, I shall sit here through all the hot summer, daubing at your pictures.
He seems to be able to sell his pictures, so I suppose they must be good; but nothing could give him the right to patronize you as he does.
Luke, and it did not look half as old and smoky as some of the pictures by Rubens.
His education progressed; but his greatest finds were in the inexhaustible storehouse of the huge illustrated dictionary, for he learned more through the medium of pictures than text, even after he had grasped the significance of the bugs.
In the largest there were pictures on the walls, portraits and landscapes of little interest.
The house contains a fine collection of pictures and curiosities, and the grounds are very beautiful.
Usually this picture seemed merely a country scene, but whenever Ozma looked at it and wished to know what any of her friends or acquaintances were doing, the magic of this wonderful picture was straightway disclosed.
Look here," he said, "you shall have the picture back - curse you
This is a country of superstitions and fancies, you know; but sometimes when I have been alone in the picture gallery with all that long line of dark faces looking down upon me from the walls, I have felt like an interloper.