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pi·co·mole (pmol),

(pī'kō-mōl, pē'kō-mōl),
One trillionth of a mole (10-12 mol).


(pmol) (pī'kō-mōl)
One trillionth of a mole (10-12 mole).
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The compound circulates at picomole per liter concentrations and is highly lipophilic.
System Nanomole *R Picomole *R/mL gas trapped/cig Cigarette 54 [+ or -] 2 40 [+ or -] 2 Clove cigarette 66 [+ or -] 9 50 [+ or -] 7 Cigar 185 [+ or -] 9 73 [+ or -] 4 Isoprene + air + NO model -- 18 [+ or -] 3 Isoprene + air + methanol -- 15 [+ or -] 2 + NO model Cig, cigarettes and cigars.
A fast and sensitive method for measuring picomole levels of total free amino acids in very small amounts of biological tissues.
Quantitative analysis of biological membrane lipids at the low picomole level by nano-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry.
PCR was performed in 25 [micro]L total reaction volume containing 10 picomoles of each primer, 1.
CN activity is expressed in picomoles of RII produced per minute per milligram protein except for PBMC samples, which are expressed as picomoles of RII produced per minute per [10.
Moreover, the ratio of blue to red emission can be measured to get an idea of the target's concentration; the system is sensitive enough to detect levels as low as 50 picomoles per litre.
The powerful duo of Mathieu Bastareaud and Louis Picomoles sit at the top of this particular table, bulldozing their way past 15 opponents in all.
As part of The Health in Men Study (HIMS), researchers from The University of Western Australia discovered that men diagnosed with late-onset prostate cancer had testosterone levels that were 13 picomoles per liter of blood higher than those who did not develop the disease.
Detection sensitivity of picomoles is appropriate in most applications that require high sensitivity, such as DNA sequencing and many immunoassays [89].
The assay can detect between 2 to 20 picomoles of biotin in a sample.
Two-hundred picomoles of each oligonucleotide were combined in annealing buffer (100mM NaCl, 50mM HEPES buffer (pH 7.