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1. Of or relating to phytochemistry.
2. Of or relating to phytochemicals.
A nonnutritive bioactive plant substance, such as a flavonoid or carotenoid, considered to have a beneficial effect on human health. Also called phytonutrient.

phy′to·chem′i·cal·ly adv.


the active chemical components, or constituents, present in a plant that account for its medicinal properties.


A chemical of plant origin, such as sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables, alicin from garlic and onions, limonene from citrus fruits, isoflavones from beans, and ellagic acid from grapes. Phytochemicals may be useful for certain diseases (e.g., in chemoprevention of malignancy), immune stimulation, etc.


A biologically active but nonnutrient substance found in plants; includes antioxidants and phytosterols.
Synonym(s): bioactive nonnutrient, phytoprotectant.


a compound found in plants or plant-derived products.

Phyto-, as in phytochemical, phytomedicinal, and phytotherapy

Meaning, or pertaining to, a plant or plants.
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phytochemical (fīˈ·tō·keˑ·m·kl),

n medicinally active chemical constituents derived from plants.
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