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In a follow-up experiment, 10 healthy volunteers ate unleavened bread made from navy-bean flour--with and without the beans' usual phytic acid.
The effect of phytic acid on growth depends largely on its quantity in the diet (Sajjadi and Carter, 2004).
Even considering the low iron bioavailability from these staples due to their high phytic acid (PA) content, it has been estimated that the higher iron content in these biofortified pulses and pearl millet can provide an additional 20 to 30% of the estimated average iron requirement for non-pregnant, non-lactating women of reproductive age, and children three to six years of age who consume these as staples [1].
Phytic acid increases mucin and endogenous amino acid losses from the gastrointestinal tract of chickens.
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Because of the presence of plant secondary metabolites such as glucosinolates, phytic acid, condensed tannins, and sinapine which reduces the digestibility of nutrients by making complexes with them and high fiber content, FFM has negative effect on digestibility and nutrient utilization (Jorgensen et al.
Besides this, chickpea grain also contains small amounts of alkaloids, tannins, phytic acid, saponins, phenolics and trypsin inhibitors (Roy et al.
Abstract: Micronutrient malnutrition in humans living in rice growing areas is increasing rapidly due to less absorption of mineral nutrients chelated by phytic acid (anti-nutrients) present in rice grains.