physical rehabilitation

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physical therapy

(1) A medical specialty (physical medicine) and rehabilitation devoted to evaluating and treating patients with functional impairment due to injury or disease.
(2) The use of mechanical (e.g., massage, manipulation, exercise, movement, hydrotherapy, traction) and electromagnetic (e.g., heat/cold, light, ultrasound) therapy to manage patients recuperating from sports injuries, MVAs, or who have musculoskeletal disease and reduced joint mobility.

physical rehabilitation

 See Physical therapy.
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The fact that most employees in the centres are disabled former patients demonstrates that full reintegration in society after physical rehabilitation is possible.
Locally, Illinois Neuro & Physical Rehabilitation now offers Interactive Metronome's 'rhythmic and movement training exercises to improve functioning in children and adults.
The Iranian Red Crescent has positively contributed to the improvement of physical rehabilitation services in their country and the ICRC in Iran has worked closely with them, says Saggurthi.
This section outlines the problems surrounding research in the field of physical rehabilitation and what to look out for when reviewing a research paper.
This was demonstrated in a recent investigation of the psychologist's role in a physical rehabilitation setting (Remenyi, Thomas & Leonard, 1981).
The company provides specialty managed care services for the physical rehabilitation of injured workers.
Located at 307 Polly Lane, Lafayette Physical Rehabilitation Hospital is located adjacent to both Heart Hospital of Lafayette and Lafayette Specialty Surgery Hospital.
In addition, Swig Burris Equities and the managing agent for the building, BHS Management, LLC, an affiliate of Brown Harris Stevens, has supervised a complete physical rehabilitation of the interior and exterior of the property.
The region also includes two specialty hospitals, Plaza Specialty Hospital and Sierra Providence Physical Rehabilitation Hospital.
Strengthening physical rehabilitation and psychosocial services provided by the Government of Colombia, 3.
When we heard that Blue Cross was eliminating this line from their reimbursable list, we were shocked," stated Irene Eyestone, vice president, managed care sales and marketing for OrthoRehab and a member of the Alliance for Physical Rehabilitation.
New York University Medical Center has entered into a long-term lease of the entire 15,000 square-foot first floor, where NYU-affiliated physicians will provide primary, geriatric and multi-specialty medical services, and The Rusk Institute will offer a full range of physical rehabilitation medical services.

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