A phosphated protein constituting about 7% of the protein of egg yolk; it is about 60% serine, largely as O-phosphoserine, and has anticoagulant properties; an anticoagulant.
Synonym(s): phosphovitin


A phosphated protein used as an anticoagulant.
Synonym(s): phosphovitin.

phosvitin (fosvī´tən),

n a phosphated protein with anticoagulant properties that is found in the egg yolk.
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Ma, "Acceleration of the initial phase transformation of mineralization by phosvitin," J.
In addition, Vtg may contain a polyserine phosvitin domain, as seen in some vertebrates (Finn, 2007; Smole-naars et al.
It is, however, expressed in both sexes and lacks a phosvitin domain.
It is also worth noting that some invertebrate vitellogenins lack a phosvitin domain, such as Vtgs from Parvulastra exigua and Patiriella regularis (Prowse and Byrne, 2012).
Just a little scientific fact, eggs contain phosvitin, which inhibits the absorption of iron; but because I use nuts and seeds, my desserts are very high in iron," Nazmy explained.
Hen egg yolk phosvitin is a phosphoglycoprotein that forms the structure of yolk granules by making phosphocalcic bridges with high-density lipoprotein (HDL) (Taborsky, 1983).
The metal chelating ability of phosvitin enables it to be used as a functional material.
Functional phosphopeptides derived from phosvitin have exhibited enhanced calcium bioavailability.
The egg yolk contains different allergenic proteins than the egg white--apovitellenins I, apovitellenins VI and phosvitin.
20) Dietary avoidance of, or reduction in, foods that contain a high concentration of phytic acids, soy protein, tannins, oxalic acids, phosvitins, divalent cation supplements (Ca++, Zn++, MN++), and polyphenolic compounds.
The phosvitins and other egg yolk proteins, however, can start thickening even at temperatures as low as 130 degrees F.