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OP insecticide oxons, therefore, adduct AChE to form DMOP-AChE and DEOP-AChE structures that lead to two aged forms, monomethoxy phosphoryl (Y=OMe) and monoethoxy phosphoryl (Y=OEt) (Figure 2), respectively.
In relaxed cardiomyocytes supplemented by ADP and Cr one can simultaneously follow (1) the turnover of resynthesis of ATP in the matrix due to the respiratory substrates (malate and glutamate) in oxydative phosphorylation cascade reactions and (2) the transfer of the high-energy phosphoryl bond from ATP to Cr to form PCr in the CK reaction.
O antigen and lipid A phosphoryl groups in resistance of Salmonella typhimurium LT-2 to nonoxidative killing in human polymorphonuclear neutrophils.
Posttranslational histone modifications include the addition of small acetyl, methyl, or phosphoryl groups and the attachment of larger moieties, such as poly(ADP-ribose) and small proteins [e.
Arginine kinase catalyzes the reversible transfer of the high-energy phosphoryl group from ATP to arginine, yielding ADP and N-phosphoarginine (Yu et al.
His recent research aims to develop catalytic systems for acyl and phosphoryl transfer reactions.
40, further denoted as PK) catalyses the final step of glycolysis, transferring the phosphoryl group from phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) to ADP and producing pyruvate and ATP [1]:
The fundamental structures of accelerators used in the vulcanization of rubber fall into one of five groups, including: the thiazole, thiocarbamyl, alkoxythio carbonyl, dialkylthio phosphoryl or diamino-2,4,6-triazinyl (figure 1) (refs.
26,27] In addition to cross-linking proteins by methylene bridge formation, formalin fixation leads to the formation of calcium coordinate compounds with neighboring hydroxymethyl, carboxyl, and phosphoryl moieties.
A previously isolated RNA catalyst, named Iso6, has multiple catalytic functions, such as RNA capping, phosphoryl coupling, pyrophosphotase, decapping, and cap-exchange activities.